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State WHO Award – UPDATED

The State WHO Award is bestowed upon a member whose leadership, acts, and support have had a positive local, state, and/or national impact on public education.

The Redwood Service Center rules for nominating a State WHO nominee have changed.  Following are the rules for which judging a State WHO award is now based:

  1. Nominations shall be submitted to the Service Center Council Awards Committee by the Chapter
  2. Any CTA member is eligible for nomination
  3. Nominees are considered on the following bases:
    1. The member has rendered exceptional professional/education service in two or more of these categories
      1. Local governance bodies/committees
      2. CTA governance bodies, committees, Service Center Council, and task forces
  • NEA governance bodies
  1. A member need not have won a chapter WHO award to be eligible for the CTA State WHO Award
  2. A member may receive the State WHO Award only once
  3. Only one State WHO Award may be selected annually from Redwood Service Center
  4. The use of a point system is required in the selection of the State WHO Award recipient. A minimum of one hundred seventy-five (175) points is necessary for consideration.

WHO award procedures

WHO awards order form

Submit nominations to Tina McKenzie