Our Elected Representatives

CTA Director – District A

Leading the way to improve learning and teaching conditions  Jerry Eaton, a veteran high school teacher in the Travis Unified School District in Solano County and former school board member in Vacaville Unified, is serving his third term on the CTA Board of Directors, which expires on June 25, 2023.  A longtime union activist with …

CTA-ABC – District A

Educators Must be Involved in Decision-Making The CTA Association for Better Citizenship (CTA/ABC) Committee works to make sure the voices of students and teachers are heard in our local schools and communities throughout the state.  Over the years, elected officials supported by CTA/ABC have helped change the face of public education in California, scoring wins …

NEA Board – District 2

As a top decision-making body, our Board of Directors includes at least one director from each state affiliate, as well as representatives from retired members, aspiring educators, at-large representatives of ethnic minorities, administrators, teachers in higher ed, and active members employed in ESP positions. Your NEA Board Member – VanCedric Williams